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Every hour, about three Zambian youth aged 15-24 years old get infected with HIV. Young people are more vulnerable when they have limited comprehensive HIV prevention information, are not equipped with life skills and do not utilize HIV high impact prevention services such as condoms, male circumcision, HIV testing and treatment.

Zambia U-Report platform provides confidential, free of charge, individualized and interactive counseling services on HIV and STIs to adolescents and youth. Of the 170,000+ U-Reporters who have voluntarily signed up by texting the word ‘JOIN’ to the short-code 878, over 70% of all signed up U-Reporters have started conversations with the counselors by asking questions.

In addition to the SMS counseling, polls are conducted periodically to get the opinions of young people. The platform enables tailored SMS demand creation for available services, and referral to the U-Reporter’s closest location for HIV Testing and Counseling, Voluntary Medicalised Male Circumcision and Anti-Retroviral Treatment. We analyze incoming SMS traffic to track and report periodically on key knowledge gaps and emerging issues related to HIV and STIs among young people.

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If you are a young person in Zambia and want to join the Zambia U-Report community, text the word “JOIN” to 878 on all the networks NOW to start interacting and participating in shaping a Zambia with zero new HIV infections. Did we mention all SMS’s are FREE? Join now!